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Monday, 30 August 2010

The New Boy/Girl on The Block

After all the problems with computers over the last few months I decided a couple of weeks ago to go Apple and get myself a MacBook. So when I drove down last Monday to Glasgow I went straight to the Apple Shop and had a chat and bought an Apple MacBook Pro. I can see why Apple have managed to turn customers into devoted followers. The whole experience of buying and owning an Apple is designed to make you feel special and feel that all is going to be well from now on. No little detail seems to have been overlooked from the backlit keyboard keys and the superbly easy to use trackpad to the seamless integration of the various programs. Even the packaging is superbly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. As I've been using Windows since PCs hit the market place so getting used to this will doubtless not be something that happens overnight and I'll bet that this won't be the last post on the subject either.
The box is slim and a work of art in itself and to help you carry it the carrier bag is actually also a back pack - cute. Helpful too because I also had another box to carry.
Opening the box shows you the silver slim MacBook
And removing the MacBook gives access to the typically well-designed charger


  1. You seem to have joined the devoted fan club even before getting it out of the package ;) I've never had nor used a Mac so can't compare. I hope you get much use and enjoyment and a minimum of frustration out of yours!

  2. No. No name yet. I did contemplate MacGeeb but that implies that it would be male and I've always been more comfortable with things I like having a female name!

  3. Thanks Monica. Minimum frustration would be nice!

  4. You must have won the lottery. Congratulations! Jealous no not I. Does it float?
    Love it and cherish it.
    Name it after a bloke it will be cheaper to run.

  5. Ah, the wonderful world of Apple ownership, unless you've bought the iphone!!
    Hope you enjoy the new toy.

  6. I assumed that you must have some mac something after seeing that temporary post the other day with "blogo" in it. I wondered and googled, finding that blogo was the source similar to the Writer, only for Mac's.


    Have fun!! Oh, and send me a note when you'll be there counting the days to return to NZ...I've already lost track of time and still have something that I want to send to you :)

  7. Good Luck with the new computer!!! I have changed my email and, therefore, changed my blog, since I have been in a whirlwind of change.

  8. Ahhh. Welcome to my world.

    WV is 'sualfali' which may well be Samoan for 'I am a Mac owner and loving it.'


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