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Sunday, 15 August 2010

An Enjoyable Morning

I went into Town yesterday morning and as I was just finishing my shopping a text came from Pat asking if I was in Town and, if so, would I like coffee.  I’ve never been known to pass up the opportunity for coffee at The Woodlands in good company.
Whilst we were chatting I photographed (through thick double glazed windows) the following rather plump and well-fed chap/chappess:
DSC03103 DSC03108 
Afterwards I went for a short walk in the Castle Grounds and seemed to meet lots of people I knew with the result that I spent an extra hour chatting to people.  There is something very heart-warming about living somewhere one constantly meets people one knows.  I also met a Wicker Lady.  What the significance is and who built her I have no idea. 
DSC03118  DSC03119 
Then I came across a large red octopus.  Yes.  Really.  Made from an old tree!
DSC03121 DSC03128


  1. You had a very interesting morning. Thanks for sharing some of the images with us.

  2. I don't need to know the who and why and what of the wicker lady...I just like her. How neat!! And your octopus, oh my goodness, what a clever idea for a tree stump!!!

    Meeting someone I know everywhere I go would (I shy to say this)...would cause me to want to stay home, sometimes.

    I love people but I there are times that I just want to go out and get my business taken care of without bumping into someone who would like to chat awhile. NOT ALWAYS, mind you...just sometimes.

    Glad you had a fun and enjoyable day, sweet friend. I've been thinking of you often.

  3. Oh, I love both those sculptures, the wicker woman and the octopus.

    I really know quite a few people in the town where I live and yet I rarely seem to be running into them (and especially at such times when I or they would actually have time to chat). Some people I never run into, full stop, and that's a bit of mystery. (It's like they only exist at the place of work or in their church or where ever it was that I first met them.) Mind you, my town is about 10x the size of Stornoway...

  4. I can't resist a cliché either. I like the last photograph.

  5. Oh Wow! The octopus is new to me. I thought that I had seen all the carvings in Castle Grounds. He really is a sharp fellow.

    We were discussing whether the rabbit was a chap or chapess. How did you finally deduct that she was a chapess?!!

    Have you found the rocket yet? Some of the trees have been cleared and so it can be seen more clearly now.

    Happy photographing my friend. x

  6. Hm. I think the Wicker Lady has more style than the octopus... She is wonderful!