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Monday, 9 August 2010

Good Neighbours

I mentioned a few posts ago how moved I was by the kindness of neighbours.  Now I may be lucky because I have absolutely wonderful neighbours.  Let’s face it not many people, never mind people to whom one is not related, would just hand you their car keys and say “I won’t be using it tomorrow.  Just borrow it whilst your car is having its tank drained.”  Well two of mine did just that.  I go away for six months of the year to my ‘other life’ in New Zealand and the house is looked after.  Spesh opens my mail, throws away the dross, emails me the important things, files everything and is more efficient than I am myself at looking after my affairs.  These are just a few of the things that make me realise how lucky I am and how wonderful people can be.  I could go on and on but I think I’ve made the point.

With such neighbourliness comes care.  My neighbours care about and for me and I care about them.

I was reminded yesterday when thinking about neighbours of the way in which Blogland has become a real place to me.  Leastways that small township (to use a Lewis analogy) in which I live and of which I am a part.  Katherine went away for the weekend without telling us and seems to have left a few worried souls back home.  Those of us who know Adrian felt his loss recently.  Those of us who know Deedee felt for her when she had difficulties in her job (ages ago it seems) and worried when she went ‘missing’ recently.  L’Archiduchesse has disappeared again and those of us who follow her are, I know, concerned.  

There is, however, a subtle difference.  In Eagleton if my neighbours (metaphorically because no one actually has milk delivered in the township so far as I know) left the milk on the doorstep for a day someone would pop in and find out why.  It would be expected.  When one of our Blogland neighbours leaves the milk out I, for one, had a reluctance to ask why they have not taken it in.  I‘ve overcome that now.  After all we are all real people behind our words and photos and we wouldn’t be blogging if we didn’t want our neighbours to take part in our lives.  Would we?


  1. Such a good point - I worry what is happening to people too.
    Afer Arch died I could not face writing... but I put up the odd thing so others woudl know why I was absent.
    I returned...briefly.
    The next day we got a phone call to say that Phoebe's Mum, our beautiful daughter in law, has a brain tumour.
    I have read about your other son... and his blog, and your own batle with cancer - I know a little of where you have been.
    I want to write - I want to vent and mourn and gnash my teeth... but I can't write it ...
    so no one knows
    and perhaps they wonder where I have gone
    Some have written or facebooked - so I guess we have ways of reachign out to the ones we care about..
    I guess just sometimes a public blog is just too out there!

  2. I never thought of it quite like that. Succinctly put.
    It's real to me but not to ones friends outside blogland so I am always a little circumspect about what is included in my posts, just as well when I consider the loon I'm lunching with today.

  3. True friendship is a two way street.
    I remember the times when you have done all the giving - remember when we were literally homeless and we lived with you for three months until we bought our house. I remember how wonderful you were to me when David fell off the roof and was in hospital for weeks. You were in the Wirral at the time and you just jumped in the car and were back home in no time.

    No price can be put on friendship and that is why dear Graham you are so special and why doing things for you is a pleasure.

    I will stop now before you go "Oh yuck"!!!!!

  4. Fiona. I was very late in catching up with the events in your life and when I did I have to confess that I wasn't sure how to respond or cope because I haven't known you for long enough to know all the circumstances to make a public comment which wasn't just a bland acknowledgement of the terrible situation. Looking back I know that I should have taken the bull by the horns (with no intention to imply cruelty to bulls!). You have no public email on your blog but had I had my wits about me I could have sent an email via Facebook. Which is what I shall do later.

    Adrian. A liquid lunching loon if I read your last post correctly. Enjoy your walk!

    Spesh. Never, ever would I say yuck to such kind words. I might have to go and get another clean hankie though.

  5. I have too many thoughts in my head just now to write all of them down in a blog comment. But one thing I know, Graham: You are a very Good Neighbour and loyal friend also in Blogland.

  6. Love your blog. I was in Eagleton a month ago, so recognise the coastal photos. Would you recommend it as a place to move to?


    Craig Miles