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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Not A Good Start

I woke this morning to a totally unexpected clear sky and full sun.   The forecast last night was for rain.  The forecast had been like that since the weekend.  I realised that I might be able to get my fences painted today if the weather held.  As I made my first cup of tea – just before 0700 – I switched on the laptop.  It refused me access to my user account.  And, apart from a load of washing going out on the line, that has occupied my day so far.  I’ve now discovered that I will have to set up the laptop as though it were a new machine.  I really did not need that at the moment.  Especially as I have about 12 current pages loaded on Opera which I will have to re-find.  Not to mention all the hassle of setting up 12 mail accounts again.  Not to mention the last week’s updates to my Address Book and encrypted security files.

There are quite a few comments on my blog to which I will respond in due course and a few days of blogging to be caught up with.  With another visitor arriving this afternoon (but just for one night) I may be a day or so getting things straight. 

Glad Game:  I have more than one computer so I’m not totally cut off from my Blog neighbours.

It’s 0930:  Breakfast and then I’ll face the day.

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  1. Ouch. Not good. You have my sympathies. Glad it was not your only computer.