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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Misty Morning in Borrowdale

Whilst I was looking for a picture that I knew I had of a gate to nowhere on the top of a mountain in the English Lake District for Soaring Through the World in Pictures I was browsing through a few of the thousands of photos I took over the years that I visited that hallowed ground.  I came across these slides taken, I think, around 1970 very early one autumn morning in Borrowdale.  They were magical times.  They are untouched up and far from perfect but they captured my heart at the time because they had a vague, almost out of focus air about them which reflected the reality of the moment.

LakeDistrict018 LakeDistrict020





  1. They are absolutely wonderful and do not need any editing! Amazing that colour has kept so well. Thanks for sharing.

    PS.Reading the heading -Borrowdale- my first thought was that sounds like a name that could have been in the Lord of the Rings. The pictures enhanced the impression!!! :)

  2. Graham, I love these! They are so dreamy to look at, so comforting ♥

    I've been doing the same thing lately, but for a different reason...just reminiscing through old photos :)

  3. Wow! I love leaving the city to wake up to scenes like those. Unfortunately, I don't get away from the city very often.

  4. A beautiful place beautifully captured

  5. Those are wonderful photos. Magical, dreamlike, ethereal. I can't think of the exact word. They are images you MUST treasure!


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