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Friday, 13 August 2010

A Funny Afternoon

Scriptor Senex aka CJ posted recently on some of our parents’ sayings.  Well another one of Mum’s was funny peculiar not funny ha ha or funny ha ha not funny peculiar.  So when I go out this evening I might say to my hosts that I’ve had a funny afternoon and then automatically qualify it with ‘funny peculiar not funny ha ha’.   So what was so funny about it?

After lunch I sat down and ordered a FuelSure Diesel Misfuelling Prevention Fuel Filler Cap.  I did that notwithstanding that I will NEVER make that mistake again.   Yeah.  Right.  Me and the other 150,000 plus drivers who misfuel each year in the UK alone – 1 every 3.5 mins.  I must buy Spesh one.  Not because she’ll ever need it but because it’s bright pink!  Don’t worry it’ll be hidden under the filler flap on my jet black car!

StreeFree001Then the mail came.  The first envelope I opened was a premium bond payout (a government saving/lottery scheme) which just about paid for the new filler cap.  So that was good.  The I opened one from Amex (on the right) about my credit card security enclosing a security key fob and security labels for some of my possessions.  If only life could be made stress-free that easily.

StreeFree001-1Then came a letter from the telephone company.  It’s always good to know that prices are increasing.  Hmm.  But if they can help me reduce it below what I’m paying now why bother increasing it in the first place?  Ah.  What they want me to do is pay a year in advance by direct debit from my bank account (instead of the quarterly billing and monthly DD which is standard now.) Something tells me that the amount I’ll lose in interest if I invested that money may just about equal the saving they are offering me.

Ah well they gave me something to blog about.  As if I hadn’t already got dozens of things sitting waiting.  I hope that your afternoon is a good one.


  1. I think that was almost ha ha funny... :) (Well, the pink part of it anyway!)

  2. Damn... thought you had solved my worries - but the cap only saves you diesel drivers from using petrol... not us petrol drivers from adding diesel.

    oh well... i can at least laugh at the pink - you will look gooorgeous when you fill up

  3. Don't you just love the up's and down's, the emotional roller coaster ride of our mail and such?! Well, at least balance is nice :)

  4. Oh dear, are you saying you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle? Is that expensive to get out again?

  5. Yes, Katherine, I did (Good Neighbours). Yes it was expensive! Fortunately I didn't start the car. That would have been mega exoensive.


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