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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lots of Sand

It is many years since I went to the far reaches of Uig on the West side of the Island.

When you come to live in a place you explore and acquaint yourself with it.  People come to visit and you show them all that there is to be seen in your new home.  Then after 10, 20 or 30 years you become a local and stop wandering around as much.    And then comes the sudden realisation that you are missing all that beauty and you start the love affair all over again.  

Last year even when CJ was visiting I hardly ventured further than Stornoway 7 miles from home when I was on the Island.  I never even went down to the beach below the house.  To be fair to myself I did spend 8 weeks in Glasgow as well as some additional time away on the mainland.  

This year I’ve had a lot more visitors and have been making a concerted effort to see more of the Island again.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  I’d enjoy it even more it the weather would perk up.  The greyness is, however, beginning to get to me and it’s not very conducive to rewarding landscape photography.

Last Thursday it stopped raining for a while.  I took Anna over to Uig to show her some of our splendid beaches.  We were well rewarded.  There are four principal beaches.  This post concentrates on Uig Sands.

 Uig1   Uig2 DSC02818  Just look at the crowds!

DSC02817 DSC02704

DSC02720 DSC02725

DSC02730 DSC02749


  1. A superb place and beautifully captured. Makes me want to revisit. Must be twenty years since last I went. certainly got busier! At least one more person than I can recall.

  2. Gee, don't know how you put up with the crowd. Looks like a place I would love. Lovely photos. I especially love that last one!

  3. It looks wonderful though a bit chilly for summer. I like that one with the woman (Anna, perhaps?) staring out over the sea. The next photo though... what on earth is going on there to the left? Someone on their knees and hands in the water, but fully dressed? Or is it a wetsuit, perhaps? Sorry, I'm sure that's not the "point" of the photo, I just got curious...

  4. You're right. That's exactly what happens when you live somewhere for a long time.
    Familiarity and all that...
    My home is New Lanark. I spent the first 5 years wondering at its beauty...and the next 5 as though immune to it.
    Thankfully I've rediscovered it.
    Your photos are fantastic.... Uig is stunning - though I think I always preferred Harris beaches...

  5. Adrian. I hope that you do get to Lewis in your travels.

    Pauline. I've no doubt a all that you would love it.

    Monica. Yes. it was chilly. Yes. There were two chaps with a surfboard in wetsuits - I didn't crop the photo!

    LML. I gathered from your Blog that you lived in New Lanark. I wondered why you blogged so infrequently. So very infrequently.

  6. GB - infrequent blogging...mmmm must be due to the lack of visiting relatives (they certainly gave me plenty to fume about)...! Alternatively it's that I live a very dull life! :-)

  7. LML. I'm sure that if you wished to fume you could find something out there about which to fume! Alternatively blog about having a dull life. I've been getting away with that for years!