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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wimbledon: Mahut v Isner: Groundhog Day

Every record in the book has been broken.  Even the fact that yesterday the umpire sat in his chair without a bathroom break for over 7 hours must be a record. 

At the moment the world seems besotted with the Football World Cup.  Footballers seem to be the prime donnas of the sporting world but when it comes to fitness I’m sure they couldn’t hold a candle to an FI GP driver or a top class tennis player.  To be on the court for 8 hours running around and serving a ball at around 130 miles per hour requires very considerable stamina and fitness.

John Isner eventually won the match but it is not that for which he will be remembered.  He will be remembered for being part of a game in which so many records were broken:


Some of the moments after the match captured from the BBC’s coverage:


The players and the umpire:


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  1. Really? No wee in 7 hours? How on Earth could he make good decisions?


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