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Tuesday 22 June 2010

The Standing Stones of Callanish

The Standing Stones of Callanish, which are estimated to be about 5000 years old, are on the West side of the Isle of Lewis at (as the name not unsurprisingly suggests) the township of Callanish.  They form one of the most outstanding stone circles in Britain ranking with Stonehenge and the Ring of Brodgar in Orkney.  Despite the paucity of information on the Wikipedia entry for the Callanish Stones (some of which appears fanciful to me) a considerable amount of research has been undertaken and published including the book New Light on The Stones of Callanish (ISBN 0 9505998 4 0).  They are a must see for every visitor to the Island and we were fortunate in having a sunny, if cold, day for our visit.  Quite how impressed the children were I’m not sure but I’m sure that they will remember them – who could not?

DSC00004 The Callanish Stones

DSC00045 A closer look

DSC00023-1Fraser and Catriona providing scale

DSC00020  Next time I’ll organise a better shot!


  1. Oh what a treat to get to see this. I love places like this and all the myth connected to them. I have been to Stonehenge (back in the 70s); and I have seen the Ring of Brodgar in a favourite mini-TV-series of mine from the mid 90s (Oliver's Travels with Alan Bates and Sinead O'Connor; the story involved a journey from Wales to the Orkneys. I happened to record it all on VCR - 5 episodes - and I still have that tape, since for mysterious reasons it has not been made available on DVD other than in American standard although it was a British procuction) But I don't think I ever head of the standing stones of Callanish (?) Your photos are beautiful. I like that close-up where you can see the pattern in the stones and their very different shapes. And the photos with Wendy and the children are priceless... I'm sure for the children this will be the kind of memory that just deepens over the years. They'll look at pictures or hear the name and suddenly get that special sensation of actually having been there.

  2. I think that was a GREAT shot! The one with the kids for scale is amazing. I love the stones, the grass, the sun and clouds...and Fraser standing tall among the rocks. Cool.

  3. Those stones are amazing, to think they have been standing there for so long! Makes me feel quite young! :)

    I love the photos especaially the last one with the stone, Wendy and the kids marching past.


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