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Friday, 4 June 2010

“It’s a funny old life, Dad!”

Andy died 4 years ago today at the age of 33.   No day ever goes past without something that he did or something that he said passing through my mind.  I am sure that the same can be said for his Mum and his brother, Gaz.  When any young person dies it is sad.  I don’t dwell in his absence but in the joy that he brought when he was alive.  Last night I was looking through some of the photos that I took when he was a child – we have few of him in later years – that I have scanned into the digital age.  I decided that I would share some of them.  The thing that struck me most was that Andy and Gaz seemed to be joined at the hip.  They are together in the majority of the photos.  There was only 14 months between them (Andy was the elder) so I suppose that was a significant factor.





Andy4001 Family268 First trout


Proud Mum and paternal grandparents

I shall return with more captions later.


  1. Hugs, Graham. And Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh, Graham. These photos really touch my heart, being a mother of three boys...the older two are 2 1/2 years apart. I can't imagine mine any closer in age, although they may not have argued SO much.

    Your boys were sweet and adorable, very handsome. Looks like they enjoyed life growing up!

    Love the one with the both in the hats, and on the boat where Gaz is keeping up with Andy rowing. And the fish...look at that precious face. I want to hug him.

    Prayerful blessings to you on your birthday, my friend. Much love from a warm heart....

  3. The innocence of little boys! Is there anything sweeter? I don't think so.
    I love the pictures of Gaz looking up into Andy's face, and the fish photo! So cute!
    Did I see it's your birthday??? I'm wishing you a wonderful new year, full of new adventures!

  4. I'm not a sentimental person.
    I am now!
    A great post.
    Awful doesn't begin to describe how terrible death is outside the natural order of things.
    Funny thing only this week I tore up a fake donor card asking that should I be ill then they harvest my kids organs. Good job I did.

  5. I'm glad you have all those smiles to look back on, Graham. Thanks for sharing these happy pictures.

    Even though it's not a close-up, I love the one with the boys on the beach with those huge rocks in the background. The kind of picture that sort of puts human life in perspective...

    I hope you had a good day on your birthday, and wish you many more good days to follow.

    ♥ Monica

  6. These photos are brimming with emotion and truly a very moving tribute to your son and the love your family shares.
    Hugs to you, Graham

  7. I can't think of a nicer tribute to Andy. We have so many shared memories of our children. Talking to my girls, they too have the memories. Fortunately our memories can never be taken away from us.


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