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Saturday 19 June 2010

Everyone’s Gone

It’s Saturday.  It’s 0600 hrs.  I’ve been up over an hour.  My latest visitors – a close friend of nearly 50 years who’s lived in Canada for over 40 years, her daughter who lives in Australia and her Sister in Law from Merseyside – departed at 0545 for the morning ferry to Ullapool.  The beds are stripped and the first load of washing’s on.  Unusually for me I’m tired and just want to go back to my bed.  That would be the sensible thing to do.

Looking back it’s been a roller coaster of a couple of months since I returned from New Zealand.   I’ve rarely had a couple of days without either visitors staying or being away.  It’s been wonderful.  I’ve spent relatively little time in Blogland.  I’ve spent a lot of time cooking.  It’s a good job I love cooking.  But then I came to it late in life and have never had to cook daily for a family.  My wife was a superb cook and hostess and when we got married she chose to do the cooking and the ironing. 

My next mission is to go and see my Brother and Sister in Law Who Drinks Tea.  But I have a crown to be fitted in 10 days so I’ll set off immediately after that.  In the meantime I shall catch up with living on my own, with Blogland, with phone calls, with my friends on the Island, with the garden and getting the spring cleaning done (even if it’ll be on the countdown to Autumn in two days when the days start drawing in again).  Oh, yes, and booking my return trip to New Zealand.


  1. You certainly have been busy and from the sound of it there are not exactly lazy days awaiting either. Hope you also do find some moments to just "relax and breathe" in between the householdy tasks ;)

  2. Now, when you said 'crown' I immediately thought of a coronet-type crown. And on reflection, you deserve one for being such a wonderful host. Oddly enough, with all you posts about your visitors, I feel as though I've been staying with you too!

  3. I think having visitors is about the best thing ever, especially when I have the time to enjoy them.

    That being said, I'm glad I might be seeing more posts from your side of the world in the coming weeks!


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