1 EAGLETON NOTES: Training Exercise



Monday 28 June 2010

Training Exercise

It was happening a few miles out in The Minch so was at the limit of my camera’s capabilities but it still looked pretty spectacular with the Coastguard helicopter coming up to the back of the fast moving lifeboat to lift a ‘casualty’ from its afterdeck.  I was sure that I’d done a post on the Lifeboat when she was hauling her tender on board in the Bay last year but it’s not coming up in the index.  Odd.  It would have given you an idea of how big she is.

DSC00503  DSC00506


  1. I love your banner photos!
    The coast guard training looks very interesting... I like that sort of thing.

  2. You did do such a posting but I can't find it either - weird.


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