Tuesday 29 June 2010


I went to buy some dried seaweed a few days ago to top dress what passes for my lawns.  The factory is at the end of the road to Arnish Point and the former oil platform fabrication yard.  Along the road are some lochans.  Fishing in one of those lochans was a heron.  These photos were taken through the car window.  I was foolish enough to lower the window (I nearly said wind down the window – that shows my age!) for a few seconds but the invasion of midges was unbelievable and it went back up before I could take a photo with it open.

DSC00531 DSC00532


  1. Fabulous shot! And I just posted a white heron yesterday too!

  2. Heron. The bird I always forget about. I came across some years ago on a visit to the coast and had no idea what they were. It took me ages (well not really ages, but some trouble anyway) to figure out what it was I had seen.
    Magnificent birds and magnificent photo you managed to capture here - through the window and all. Oh those midges do sound annoying...


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