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Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Ultimate Frustration

It’s not that elusive puzzle that someone gave me years ago and which has confounded everyone who has sat in my living room and tried it.  It’s not a thousand and one other things I’m sure that I could think of if my brain would work.


So what is it?  It is, of course, computers.  Those things with which we cannot live today.  Of course many people think that they can and do live without them.  They are wrong.  They may not own a ‘computer’.  But they will have a TV or a radio or a car or a washing machine or a …. Well, perhaps a garden spade doesn’t have one – apart from the human brain which is guiding the hands which are, in turn, guiding it.

My PC doesn’t like the way I work and it makes no bones about telling me that.  Since I installed Windows 7 I’ve had no involuntary shut downs and Windows appears to have worked impeccably.  However the underlying problem which I’ve always had with it remains.  The USB ports don’t get along with each other.  In particular they don’t like the front combined card reader and twin USB port.  When I installed Windows 7 I had hoped that it would have proved to have been an operating system fault which would be cured.  But no.  The problem persisted.  So I am very careful about the use of these essential pathways to my information and try never to change them.  Today I did.  And paid the price. Ho hum.

However when iTunes started up and told me that I needed to install the latest updates I couldn’t be bothered.  So iTunes got shirty and refused to work.  So I decided to uninstall it and download the new version.  And that is what started me off on this posting.  iTunes told me that it couldn’t start because it wasn’t feeling well and therefore it couldn’t uninstall itself.  Arghhh.

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  1. Aaargh indeed! For what it's worth, you have my sympathies! Your post also reminds me of some computer frustrations of my own that I have not yet solved. Like my old laptop still not working with Windows at all after I tried to install a separate keyboard on it...


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