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Monday, 9 June 2008

Powder v Tablets

I buy washing powder. I know that you can buy washing powder in liquid form (if you see what I mean) but I was unaware that you could get it in tablet form. 'Why' I asked CJ 'would anyone want to buy soap powder tablets?' Apparently it's so that you don't gunge up the place where you put the soap in the washing machine 'cos tablets can go straight into the drum. My machine empties the powder perfectly well. Anyway I accidentally bought tablets last week. When I came to empty the powder I thought I'd bought into the container in which I keep powder, I discovered my mistake. So now I've got to open packets of powder tablets. The world is becoming full of packets I can't open without scissors.

Whilst I was muttering to myself about this I suddenly realised that I always buy my dishwasher powder in tablet form. How odd? Moi, a male, inconsistent. Wonder how that happened.

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