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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Birds at Woodlands Centre

When CJ and I were at The Woodlands Centre (our favourite coffee and crossword retreat) in the Lews Castle Grounds one morning, we struck lucky with the bird sightings and, as luck was obviously on our side that day, we also managed to get our favourite table near the bird table.

On the way in we saw this Jackdaw carrying a log
(CJ say's it's a twig but then he's bigger than the Jackdaw)

Arrival and anticipation

Can't quite get at this one

There's always more than one way...

This Blackbird made us wonder if he'd had a Ring Ousel parent

I've not seen many Siskins and I think this may be the first one I've photographed



And this young Lapwing on the way home (us not him)

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