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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Idea, Buses, Busses and Missing Blogs

It was never an idea set in stone that I should post on this Blog every day as I attempted to do in New Zealand. There I was both trying to let friends know what I was up to and inform them about the wonderful country in which I was living. It didn't really occur to me that when I came back to the UK that experience would make me look more closely at where I am and what I'm doing and how it might be made to look, or even be, interesting to others. I didn't realise just how it would heighten my awareness of the apparently everyday things around me. It helps, of course, that CJ's blogs are always so observant of his surroundings or books or - well, you name it.

Anyway this morning I was thinking to myself as I did a few emails, scanned in some more slides, listened to some more music, pondered on the weather (again), looked at the changing beauty of the land and seascapes visible from the study (they would be even more visible if the blind wasn't partly drawn against the bright sun but then I suppose that's partly ameliorated by the fact that the door is wide open because at 0900 it's 20 deg on the north wall of the study which, I would remind readers in the southern hemisphere, is the 'cold' wall of the house), listened to the birds (and pondered on whether sparrows had a 'standard speed of flight') and wondered what to have for breakfast. What was I thinking all those words ago? I was thinking that not very much had happened to blog about. How silly is that? When there is so much. But I couldn't get any ideas to germinate. And then they hit me. And I thought of buses and the calculations we did at Uni on statistical probability - or something to do with why buses all end up coming at once.

Perhaps I could do a blog on spellings - the Portuguese have apparently decided to rationalise their spellings and I couldn't decide whether it is 'busses' or 'buses' (it's either or both).

CJ always (and I think that always means always) has a little notebook with him and is constantly jotting notes in it. He is, I think, the would-be diarist of old and is, in fact, by using blogs the modern equivalent. So I decided that I would use a notebook too because by the time I'd got to a pen and paper such ideas as I do ever have have long fled the brain. So this morning when I was having my shower.......

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