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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Night Out With Gaz (Part One)

After a lovely lunch at a café near the flat we spent the afternoon in Glasgow so that I could get some odds and ends. We walked from the Tollbooth end of Argyle Street to John Lewis (got what I wanted) and then set off up Sauchiehall Street until we hit the motorway and then returned. Quite a good walk. In the evening we decided to go out to the Corinthian (worth a blog posting all of its own) for an aperitif and the Rogano for dinner. I've tried to eat at the Rogano many times but never managed it. This was a Tuesday night at 2030 - surely no problem. Wrong. Full. So we set of for Babbity Bowser in the Merchant City. It's a gastro pub (don't you just love the jargon) but it doesn't have a website. I've lunched here many times but had never been upstairs in the restaurant. It was well worth it.

Afterwards we returned to the Rogano for a digestif. On the counter were bottles of Champagne (a fair number of glasses were being poured) including a pretty large one. We discovered that a 4.5 l bottle was a Rehoboam (of which neither of us had heard) (after Rehoboam, son of Solomon, King of Judah, 922-908 BC) but the largest they had on the counter held 6 l and was a Methuselah (after the Biblical patriarch who lived to the age of 969).

An excellent night out.

Ready for the off

A few of the many cocktails at the Corinthian

We chose this bar - one of many.

Gaz with his Mojito (the barman visibly blanched when Gaz asked for one - it's the most timeconsuming of cocktails. I just had Campari and Soda (V P E!)

The Corinthian's entrance hall

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