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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Living Alone

I have known for many years that I am quite content living alone: so long as I am not alone - if you see what I mean. I am fortunate that I am not.

However for the last 6 weeks CJ and I have shared the house and I've been amazed at how well we appear to have managed it without any problems. Well that's not quite true. CJ had to get used to my habit of leaving cupboards and drawers open until I have finished with them. This can be an irritating habit. One that doesn't matter if you live on your own.

I mention this simply because of Marmite. You see I sometimes (and in the past almost always) have Marmite and peanut butter (or something similar) on toast for breakfast. By that I mean that I have a piece of toast and onto it I spread Marmite and then peanut butter. OK so many think that that is a fairly disgusting thing to do but I've been doing it for about 50 years (who says I'm a creature of habit?) and I ain't about to change it now. If you don't live alone it's this sort of thing that can lead to problems. Jenni loved peanut butter but hated Marmite. I put my Marmite on my toast before I spread on the peanut butter. I use the same knife. And in such ways are wars started.........

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  1. Being allergic to nuts then the idea of peanut butter with anything seems horrid. Having said that peanut butter and Marmite on toast seems a much better combination than the one my Dad insists on eating.

    He spreads peanut butter on a Jacobs cream cracker and then places sliced Wensleydale with chives and onion on top! Looks and smells absolutely disgusting and is a hideous waste of good cheese!