Monday, 30 June 2008


In CJ's blog entry The New Vocabulary he made the point that the word 'illegal' is now used in relation to, amongst others no doubt, actions performed on a computer to which the software takes offence.

It reminded me that I was once asked by Wendy to explain to someone the difference between unlawful and illegal. After my thoughts had been expounded Wendy informed me that unlawful may well have been as I said but illegal was a sick bird. That was me deflated.

Anyway, be that as it may, as usual, I digressed. What CJ's posting really reminded me of was that I'd just noticed that the 2 year warranty for my new Mesh laptop specifies that the laws governing the contract of warranty are the laws of Taiwan, Republic of China. Now it seems unlikely to me that the majority of the customers of Mesh Computers which is, ostensibly at least, from it's website a UK company, trading in the UK:


Founded in 1987, our organisation has become one of the fastest growing IT hardware suppliers in the UK. We have achieved this by anticipating client needs and providing enterprise-wide networking solutions to organisations undergoing expansion and change.

are likely to be challenging Mesh in the Courts in Taiwan. Hmmmm.

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