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Monday, 16 June 2008

Glasgow's Miles Better

I think that one of the best slogans ever was Glasgow's Miles Better (Glasgow Smiles Better) used by Glasgow in its Mr Happy Campaign. I recall many years ago Jenni Murray or Sue MacGregor on Radio 4's Today programme commenting (in a perfect Edinburgh accent) on it when Edinburgh was trying to find one. She came up with "Edinburgh's Quite Nice". Sums it up rather well really. Anyway, as I was saying, Glasgow's miles better. I could go on about all the improvements over the 40 years I have been visiting the City but they are too numerous. Suffice to say the whole ambience of the City has changed. It is now a wonderful and vibrant place. I wish that Liverpool could have achieved a fraction of what Glasgow has achieved. One of the many things they do really well is eateries. Now sitting out with your coffee on the pavement in Glasgow is not, on the whole, going to happen in the way it does in Napier or any other place in New Zealand for that matter. However Glasgow does have its own version of al fresco eating and sitting:

Buchanan Galleries

Princes Square


Sometimes I just sits

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