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Thursday, 5 June 2008

It's Official

According to the Stornoway Gazette global warming officially hit Stornoway last month. I'm not sure that May being the driest May since records began (and they don't tell us when that was) actually justifies their claim but then newspapers have never needed facts to make their claims. The average rainfall is usually nearly 60mm but this May we had only 12mm. I suspect most of that fell in one day. The plants, though starved of water, did benefit from and average of 15 hours of sun each day compared with the 9.3 hours they usually get.

Whilst the average temperature was 14.5 deg compared with the long-term average of 12.1 deg it's still cooler than the hottest May on record which was in 1992 when the 30 May reached 23 deg. So there we are.

Have a nice June.

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