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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thankful Thursday

The Postie handed me a bunch of letters.  Nothing unusual in that.  

You know when you can sense that a letter looks dubious.  Well this one looked as though it was from the Inland Revenue (the UK's tax collectors).  It was.

In the UK last year there was a problem because thousands of people received huge tax demands because the PAYE calculations had been erroneous (too complicated to explain in a blog).  I know a number of people with demands for thousands of £s.

So when I opened the letter I was not happy to see the word 'error'.

I became happier, however, when I saw that they owed me money.  Not a lot.   £40.03 was the sum I think.  At least I don't owe them anything.

So today I am very thankful that I don't have a tax payment hanging over me.


  1. I don't often swear on other people's blogs but "You lucky bugger!"

  2. Watch out it could be an error.

  3. Since I wrote that a day or two ago the TV News has informed me that 6 million (sic) people in the UK on PAYE (Pay as you Earn) are due refunds averaging £400 and 1 million are going to get demands averaging £600. All this is going back 6 (I think) years. I'm not sure now whether I'm feeling quite so thankful. There could be a demand yet to come!

  4. Oh GB, how could you post about your tax rebate, talk about rubbing it in.

    I love your blog though so consider yourself forgiven.


  5. Always easier to forgive and be thankful when you get money back rather than the other way round! ;) Not sure how much your system differs from ours. Somehow even when there is no mistake it still seems to be a bit of a lottery every year.