Monday, 3 October 2011


Last night it became apparent that the ferry was likely to be storm-bound today.  I'm in Bishopbriggs near Glasgow.  It's about 5 hours' drive to Ullapool for the ferry.  The ferry is unlikely to sail.  That would mean an overnight stay in a hotel in Ullapool.  I'm a good sailor.  Anna's a terrible sailor.  Even if I go Anna will not be accompanying me.  So I decided to re-book for tomorrow.  All bookings are closed until Thursday.  So, in theory, I'm stranded on the mainland until Thursday.  Arghhhh.  

It's hard to believe that a few days ago we were bathed in sunshine and the hottest October day ever recorded in the UK was logged. 


  1. That does not look good! But at least being stranded in a friend's house must be better than waiting in a hotel.

    I guess we can expect our share of 'leftovers' of the rainstorm here in SW Sweden in a few days then...

  2. I'm surprised they don't go in that. Do they have trouble docking in Ullapool? be okay crossing the Minch on the flood I would imagine.
    I never had a load of tourists on board. Probably not worth the cleaning bill.

  3. Yes, Monica, a lot better and we're away out to dinner with a daughter this evening.

    Adrian: The ferry can said in that easily provided that the tide and wind are not to much at cross-purposes. The problem occurred a few years ago when the ferry sailed in particularly adverse conditions and those who don't travel well didn't! They complained bitterly. Successive Masters have declined to sail in very bad conditions. As it happens I've just been on the phone to them and the ferry is sailing. So there won't be as much pressure on tomorrow's sailing (the freight ferry still isn't sailing - it's an underpowered tub and got swept out into the Atlantic one day!) so I've just managed to re-book for tomorrow.

  4. The wind was weird here today. Calm(ish) until lunchtime. Berserk - gale force or thereavouts (bins, pots, etc going everywhere, twigs falling - for an hour or two and now calm(ish) again.

  5. I wasn't being flippant.
    I only looked at your weather. Could have worked the Minch in that.
    It is a bugger in southerlies or northerlies.
    Plenty of places to rock and roll into up there......Just can't pronounce most of them.
    All the best and Bon Voyage!

  6. What a shame that Anna cannot make it. We were looking forward to seeing her again.

    I know how she feels though - I am feeling sick at the very thought!

    The Minch looked really evil today.

  7. CJ I think the weather is being odd everywhere. In Glasgow we've had torrential rain, wind, warmth, sun and cold. What was that all about?

    Adrian, it didn't occur to me that you were being flippant. My reply was a serious one too. I've sailed across in some frightful storms and have learned that the wind and the tide working together can make for a good crossing even in what looks like terrible conditions. Spesh said that the Minch looked evil today - but the ferry sailed. I just hope she sails tomorrow too!

    Pat, Anna is hoping to come up next week. She has to be back by the weekend so coming up tomorrow (and possibly facing a rough crossing again) isn't on.

  8. I liked the "squally showers" and visibility: ocassionally good.
    Made me smile.
    Weather seems to be unusual many places. Happens to be raining here, when usually, this is a dry, sunny time of year.