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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thankful Thursday: Dad

I was laying in bed this morning in that sort of state where one is not exactly awake and not exactly asleep: a state I don't experience that often because I am usually fast asleep or wide awake.

I was conscious of the fact that it was Thursday and was trying to decide on a Thankful Thursday topic.  In fact so many things were running through my mind that trying to settle on one was hard.  It's not just a question of being thankful either.  It's also a question of making it interesting and meaningful.  The exercise does, however, make me very conscious of being thankful for so many things and that is, after all, its true purpose.

So often, even when I have a topic in mind, there is a further problem.  I feel a bit like Elizabeth Taylor's seventh husband must have felt on their wedding night:  I know what's expected but I'm not sure how to make it interesting.

Ten years ago today CJ's and my Dad died.  He would have been 104 this year.

He was a wonderful father. 

So today I'm thankful for the fact that for well over half a century we had such a wonderful Dad.

Morris Edwards with Andrew in 1974


  1. I am glad you got to have him for so long... he must have been very proud of you both

  2. It is very expressive photograph. The kind of picture that without a lot of words can stir up memories and feelings even in those who never even knew the people in it!

  3. Gosh it's amazing that it's been 10 years.

    I too am extremely thankful to have had such wonderful grandparents.

  4. Lovely photo GB. Just got your next two postcards. Thank you for thinking of us x

  5. Those of us who have had wonderful fathers are truly blessed! That's a lovely photo of two connected souls.

  6. what a sweet memory you have of your dad!

  7. I can see your features in both faces.

  8. Thanks Fiona. We were very proud of him too.

    When I look at it Monica I see so much for which to have been thankful.

    Glad they arrived Jaz. You will always be in the thoughts of your friends - especially when they are feeling thankful!

    Pauline it's always good to hear you talking about your parents so positively. We have been fortunate.

    Thank you Norma. Sweet-as!

    Katherine you're a cleverer man than I am Gunga Din. I have never been able to see me in any of the family. I think it must be part of my inability to hold images in my noddle.