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Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Perfect Morning

The All Blacks beat the Wallabies 20:6.  Now for the French next week!!


  1. Well done........it's been a funny old do.

  2. I'm chuffed for you GB,


  3. lol
    Good game! Plenty of yelling from my husbands couch for sure.
    Writing this at 4.30 am as the steroids I'm on tend to cause a bit of insomnia and early morning hunger. I'm a bit of a Hobbit now, first and second breakfasts for me.
    Better make sure I get some exercise tomorrow lol
    Good to have your blog to browse, updated so timely for for though. Handy having international bloggers to follow as well.
    Have a good day GB x

  4. Thanks Adrian and SP.

    Good to hear from you Jaz and glad to know you are there.

  5. So what sport was this? I only know Formula One and football.

    Liverpool only drew with Manchester United and Jenson Button came fourth so it wasn't a good weekeend for me.

    Good luck against the French. There's always a certain sense of satisfaction in beating the French in any sport. I wonder if that harks back to Waterloo? Napoleon has a lot to answer for.

  6. It's been easy to forget my disappointment in light of the happiness of everyone around me. Good luck to the future world champions!

  7. CJ: Football played with a funny-shaped ball by men built loke houses with an extraordinary desire to hug other men.

    Pauline: Sorry I forgot that Australia has some supporters amongst my friends!