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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Old Age Cometh Not Alone

I knew that the above saying which is in common use on Lewis where I live was from one of the Psalms of David (I might be atheist but I do have some knowledge of the Bible!) but I couldn't recall which one (Psalm 71 Verse 9 for the record).  What does one do when one doesn't know something like that?  One Googles it.  Which is exactly what I did.  But what came up 4th on the first page?  A post I wrote on A Hebridean in New Zealand on 11 April 2010 entitled, wait for it.... Age Cometh Not Alone.

On that occasion I had stepped into the shower with my spectacles on. A few days ago I heated some cappelletti in their sauce in the microwave thinking that I was re-heating something I'd cooked the day before.  I wasn't.  I hadn't cooked them.  Uncooked cappelletti are not appealing.  In fact they are inedible. 

Much, much worse than that, however, was the fact that I was watching The News on TV on our Friday evening to discover that I had missed the Wales v Australia  match!  I thought that it was on NZ Saturday evening not Friday evening.  To add insult to injury the recorder (which was automatically set to record all the RWC matches started on time and recorded exactly one minute!!).

Old age definitely cometh not alone.

I just hope that the Final comes up to expectations.  David and I will be glued to it: David shouting for France and me shouting for the team that's going to win!!!

Go the All Blacks.


  1. Oh, GB, I've had a few episodes like that recently. I did not know that verse even though I read the Bible almost daily. thanks, but of course, David experienced such things in his life. well, not the microwave thing, but many like it, I'm sure. have a peaceful and restful weekend.

  2. I'm sorry I didn't correct you when you said that game was on but thought it was a northern vs southern hemisphere difference! Never mind, you would have been disappointed, it wasn't a great game. Tonight, I hope, it will be!

  3. Cripes! have you ever looked all over the place for your specs and then found that you were wearing them...I did, yesterday.


  4. I can't think of an occasion when I ever wanted to record a sports game of any kind! But it is a nuisance when a recording does not go as planned, and especially if I can't even blame the recorder for it. It has happened a few times for example that I planned to record something from one channel and find that in fact I had set the recorder on a different channel... What a disappointment.

    Not all forgetfulness is age-related though. Can happen at any age if you have too many things on your mind at once.