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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Do You Shave Your Legs?

I've had a strange day.  Watched the Wales v France game first thing and was saddened (to put it very mildly) by the completely mistaken decision of the referee to red card the Wales Captain.  I'm sure that the referee will go to his grave knowing that he not only robbed Wales of the game (they outclassed France even without their captain for most of the game) but also robbed the millions of spectators of a potentially really great match in the final.  OK I've got that off my chest (again).  After all it's only a game!!!!

Watched the GP F1 qualifying.  Interesting but, as the World Championship has already been decided, I couldn't work up any enthusiasm.

Spent the the time in the Study sorting paperwork - I should do it more frequently and then it wouldn't mount up.

It was dry today although not enough to dry the grass but nevertheless I decided to cut a friend's grass because the forecast is so yucky.  Then I washed the car.

Now that I've bored you into submission I'll get to the point.  After such a taxing day (who am I kidding?) I decided to have a spa bath: only the second since I arrived back from New Zealand in April.  I sometimes wonder why I installed it given that I always shower.

And now I'm really getting nearer the point.  When one showers one doesn't generally see one's legs in detail.  When one is in a bath there they are staring one in the face so to speak.  And I noticed that (apart from being browner than any part of my body other then my arms) the water ran off my non-hairsuit legs as it does off a polished surface although it didn't run off the rest of my body.  Why?  Then I remembered.  In New Zealand I have a routine.  I get up.  I shower (and thus wash off the previous day's sunscreen) and then cover my visible parts in sunscreen again.  That obviously makes the skin 'waterproof'.  Strange.

I'm now assuming that's why someone asked me last time I was in NZ if I shaved my legs.  How personal can you get?


  1. Laughing Boy is still furious with the ref. and has talked about little else all day.

    The ref's Dad is French and Laughing Boy is convinced that it was all a devious set up!


    PS I have a machine which rips the hairs out of my legs. It hurt like hell when I first started using it but now, nothing. We Yorkshire lasses are hardy!

  2. The ref's Dad is French! So that's why he speaks fluent French. Of course it has nothing to do with his (alleged) biased, sorry poor, judgement.

  3. I feeled gutted on behalf of Wales. I hope our ref tonight is not so colour-blind. I'm being kind and telling myself he meant to pull out a yellow card.
    No more shaving legs for me, I'm going to rely on sunscreen in future!

  4. Feel, felt...one or the other! :)

  5. I have no idea what you're talking about. I have a sports-filter in my brain, my sunscreen expenses this year have been minimal, and all too soon my legs will want double layers of clothing!

  6. I have no intention of discussing my leg hairs on the Internet but I will comment that the film 'What Women Want' convinced me that most women are masochistic where extra hair is concerned!