1 EAGLETON NOTES: Hunkering Down



Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hunkering Down

I went to sleep last night with the rain and hail hammering on the bedroom window for the second night running.  I woke this morning with the rain and hail hammering on the bedroom window for the second morning running.  Over the years October has had some pretty ferocious gales.  The end of October was when we used to go to the Highland Trade Fair in Aviemore.  I can remember some terrible weather with snow and freezing conditions and gales which wrought havoc with the trade fair marquees and, on one occasion, tore part of the roof off the Aviemore Ice Rink which housed the main part of the Fair.  So watching the wind get to Force 7 on my weather station and get the message from Calmac that the ferry has been cancelled this evening from Ullapool (and, consequently in the morning from Stornoway) is not a big surprise.

It's bright enough in between the showers though but with the temperature around 7℃ (-3℃ with the windchill) I'm not venturing out today.

I hope that the wind has died down for Thursday.  David and Molly are coming for the weekend. 


  1. I love hearing the rain splattering on the windows provided that I'm curled up and cosy in bed...it's the wind that I hate.


  2. We can't hear each other speak in the dining room as the hail bounces off the conservatory roof but at least the tree that has come down was one of next door's not ours.
    I too am staying in and hoping it will blow itself out.