Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Zoe Won Too

You may recall from A Hebridean in New Zealand that my Golf Croquet Doubles Partner in New Zealand is Zoe. Zoe is exceptionally talented (and young) and will, I hope, one day have the time and good fortune to make the New Zealand Junior or Ladies Team. Whilst I was playing in the Scottish Golf Croquet Tournament Zoe was playing in the Marewa Winter Tournament and won her Section. I am just so proud of that girl.

After I'd congratulated her I received an email saying that as it was her first singles tournament win she now knew that it was not just Tony (the New Zealand number 1) and I doing all the work in the doubles tournaments we'd won with her as a partner.

My response was immediate and to the point. I'd never suggested it was and...etc etc. Zoe's response was equally immediate and was "It was actually a joke but I knew you'd reply with something like that anyway. You like explaining things with lots of big words and compliments. So thank you."

Bummer. I've got to this age and am completely transparent to a teenager. OK perhaps just to this very special teenager. But nevertheless........ Ah well at least when we are playing as partners I never have to explain what we need each other to do. She just knows. The problem is that when, in singles games we are playing as opponents, she also knows what I'm going to do. Life can be so complicated.


  1. YAY for Zoe! Friend and Kindred - ships are most treasured!! That's quite a wonderful challenge though, GB...that she knows what you're up to when playing singles against each other :)