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Monday, 3 August 2009

I Have a Theory: Explained

Last Thursday I posted about Having A Theory as to the way people hung their toilet rolls. I expected a few comments but was astonished when the total number of comments actually came in at 18 (but that did include a rather silly one my me about having a nemesis which died after being over-watered which wasn't helpful in theory formation).

My theory was based on empiric observation of a few people I know and was that females generally put toilet rolls on with the paper hanging down the wall and men generall put them on with the paper hanging away from the wall. I formed this after living with someone who was female and enforced this stereotypical behaviour. Behaviour which seemed completely illogical to me because it is more difficult to use when the paper is down the wall. As I don't use patterned toilet paper that hadn't been something about which I had thought.

Anyway the results - thanks everyone - show that 6 females do (or have for a large part of their lives or until converted) indeed hang the paper down the wall. Significantly no males hang it that way. On the other hand 6 males responded (or were mentioned in despatches) and all hung it away from the wall. Having said that 10 females hang it away from the wall or have been converted to seeing the light.

So the conclusion simply shows that the general consensus is that hanging it away from the wall is the way to do it. Ah well. men have to be able to get something right!


  1. Interesting results, GB!
    ...but what if the women were the ones who started the whole "away" from the wall thing in the first place???!!!
    ;^) ;^) ;^)

  2. That would just show that men are capable of being guided - provided that what they are following is the right thing!

  3. Always away from the wall...always, and I was not a convert :)

    As far back as I can possibly remember in my life history, I have put the paper on away from the wall...not down the wall for many reasons. I simply thought that it would remain clean that way. Walls can be dirty.

    I still think that this was a neat post :)

  4. No Heather you weren't a convert. As always you were a leader.

  5. Great results, almost makes up for all the toilet eat travesties!

  6. Now, Michelle, you have struck another interesting one. I always put the seat and lid down. What does that tell you?

  7. GB - that, like me, you've lived in earthquake country and don't want the risk of anything falling from the top of the cistern into the loo.

    Ddad and his brother once has a competition building ever higher pyramids of loo paer rolls. No earthquake, but the pyramid did topple in!

    Hope you're enjoying being home,

    care and huggles, Michelle and Zebbycat

  8. Hahahahahahahaha! Who knew, right??? We could go in to so many unqualified reasons, but why? Over the top is correct, correct???