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Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Radio Times

The Radio Times is an institution in the UK. It was started in 1923 to carry details of radio programmes. When BBC television started it carried details of those programmes too. Now it carries comprehensive details of radio and television programmes in the UK together with relevant magazine content.

For years it was my habit at breakfast to see what was on television that day and to mark any programmes I might want to watch or record. Of course I always marked programmes many of which I would never manage to watch nor record.

Since I've been living in two countries I've not generally bothered with the Radio Times (using the digital guides available on the TV) but last week I decided to treat myself. On one day I managed to find two programmes I wanted to watch. Not a great total really.

One of them was a Promenade Concert. I discovered that the BBC appear to be televising them all this season. Whoopee. I decided to watch. I had already watched one when I was at Gaz's in Glasgow but that was easy because I just paused the live TV if I was interrupted. Here I would have to record it or watch it live. I plumped for the latter taking Samantha into the living room and settling down for an evening with visual live music and emailing at the same time.

It was most enjoyable. I've not had the opportunity to do it again.

However I will post on the Promenade Concerts in general and that one in particular, later.

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  1. The wonders of technology.
    Sounds like a pleasant pastime.