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Friday, 7 August 2009

But I'm Already Old and Boring!

This is not a book review. In fact it's not really a reviewable book anyway. CJ left it on my computer when he was here. I'm not sure whether it was just to look at or a gift or whether he was trying to tell me something. Anyway I seem to have inherited it. Perhaps I should take it as a compliment; the implication being that I'm not yet old and boring despite what it says in my 'About Me' at the side of this blog. OK whilst having breakfast I've just read some of the things one is required to do. The first, and very obvious, thing is that this is NOT aimed at someone of my advanced years. It needs to be re-written for people who are so that we can show that we don't have to be boring when we are old. I thought that it might help me escape this label I've had to live with.

Mind you in recent years I've whitewater rafted over the highest commercially run fall in the Southern Hemisphere, hellihiked up a glacier, paraglided off a mountain top (ok it was just a very high hill),
climbed up (and down into the crater of) a volcano (ok it is a dormant one), taken the decision to live my life in two halves on opposite sides of the world, learned to play croquet (and if anyone thinks that's for old softies they are very much mistaken), and entered blogland. Awe come on. surely that beats camping in the garden, starting a secret society, playing a computer game to the end and, wait for it, making a unique milk shake.

Perhaps I'm not quite so old and boring as I thought.


  1. Not at ALL!
    The only thing that I've done on your list is hike down into a dormant volcano (in New Mexico)...it was fascinating!
    I have a lot of catching up to do!!!
    Okay. Okay. Okay...I've also come up with a few unique milk shakes....
    :^) ;^) ;^) ;^) ;^0

  2. Not at ALL!! We have time enough to lay around when we can't get up anymore. Til then, GO FOR IT!!!

  3. I wonder if the fact that one of the 'You might also like' links at the bottom of this posting was
    Marcel in a wheelbarrow was a comment of some sort!
    Do milk shakes take a lot of effort? If so I'll give them a miss.