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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

On Banks, A Sadness of Life and Why Heather Would Be Pleased

I went into the Bank again this morning. I couldn't access one of my accounts on line. I like my Bank. Not because of what they do with my money nor because their shares have done well . Their interest rates are no better than elsewhere and, like a lot of other people over the last while, I had shares in the Bank (after all Banks are a safe bet - yea right) and lost money. OK whilst it was a sum not to be sneezed at it wasn't going to affect my life in the way that it has affected many lives. So why am I happy with my Bank?

Because they know who I am. And because I know who they are. Because I am a name. And because they are names. I have been going to that Bank for well over 30 years. Many of the staff in the Bank have been there for a good many of those years. We have a history. Histories (usually whether good or bad) give us a feeling of security. I usually come out of the Bank feeling happier than when I went in. That alone is almost a good reason for going into it.

I had a meeting with one of the advisers last week and I needed more help this morning so I just popped in. She (sorry She does have a name and I know that name but....) sorted the problem. Whilst doing so we chatted. Isn't that what life is about. It didn't cost the Bank a penny and it meant a happy customer. And that's what is so sad. The Bank's higher management couldn't care less.

So why have I said all this. Partly because if anyone from the Bank were ever to read this I'd like them to know how much they are appreciated. And partly because when I was chatting we discussed various things which arose out of things which happened. Firstly - and this is why Heather will be happy - on the desk in the Bank was a Reminder: Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46 v 10). Secondly because something arose which made me think of the sadness of some aspects of the life we lead.

Pauline from The Paddock recently posted a fabulous photograph. One that I would have given my eye teeth to have captured. Had I been anywhere with family children then that would have been fine. But had I just seen the opportunity I could not have risked taking the photograph. After all if I can't photograph a statue in a bus station then what hope is there if I want to photograph a person without their permission (or in this case a parent's permission). And by the time all the formalities have been attended to the spontaneity of the moment is lost.

I could go on but by now, dear reader, you are probably getting tired. And I have work to do. I'm glad I visited the Bank this morning.


  1. Yes :) I do like this post. I love being still and knowing; I love my dear friend, GB; and I love even more, that God reminds my dear friend, GB, that He Is.

    The photo is adorable, in the rain with an umbrella and mud boots, pups in the back ground on an empty, muddy, dirt road - priceless grin. Beautiful.

    The comfort of people you can trust, those who know your name and the fact that they have Scripture in a bank...touch my heart, BIG TIME. This entire post does this...touches my heart.

    Thank you, sweet friend, thank you.

    ♥ Heather

  2. That's a good reason to like a bank. Mine has too many people behind the counter for them all to remember me personally, but fortunately at least their computers do. I doubt they would be allowed to have Bible verses on their desks. But at least it still has an office where you can go in and talk to people face to face. Not all banks have even that any more!

  3. Isn't nice to have the people at your bank know you. My bank does, too.


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