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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Another Point of View

My posting earlier in the day entitled Moan, Moan, Moan has provoked a serious response from across the valley. This is the view across the valley to Spesh's house this afternoon.

The comment came in the form of an email from Spesh:
Hey! I was going to comment on your blog re. the weather but decided that it would sound too much like telling you off - which is what I am going to do. I can't believe you said those moaney things about our weather here. We have had some perfectly lovely weeks - you have been away in Devon, on the Wirral or in Glasgow for most of the time you have been back in the U.K. AND if the weather has been that cold how come you have been in shorts for most of the time you have been back huh!? Have you forgotten all the times I have texted you from the beach whilst walking the dog and said that the weather is stunning?

Now do a blog on the lovely weather we get here - think of sunrises, sunsets, calm blue waters in the bay!

Still love you though. Spesh xxxxxxx
That's me told then. Nothing changes.


  1. That wasn't rain dear readers - that was just an evening mist!!

  2. Yea right! Taken at 16:44. Sunset (had we been able to see any sun) would have been at 20:40!!

  3. Poetic licence dear man, poetic licence! Now look out of your window at 09.06 today, Monday, and see the beautiful blue skies and sparkling waters. Not bad hey?