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Monday, 3 August 2009

I'm Home Again

I'm home and it's now the end of the day. A day which started with me, as always, at the computer answering emails and, today, starting this posting. That was over thirteen hours ago. Thirteen hours in which I tried to follow CJ's advice in his posting Time on Rambles From My Chair a few days ago. But to no avail. The sun was shining and it's a long time since I was able to sit in my shorts in the Study with the door open soaking in the warmth. So by 9 am there was two lots of washing occupying every clothes line I have. I had replied to at least half a dozen emails and by coffee had made phone calls and was even tidying up the debris left after emptying my case when I got home last night. Lunch and then I cut the grass and wandered over the valley to see Pat and Dave for coffee. Meanwhile passing the time with my neighbours who returned today from their holidays. Oh and all the ironing's done and the bed is changed. Yes. It's been a Good Day. 'OK', I hear you say, 'I do that every day and I have three children and a job to hold down'. Yep. And therein lies the rub. I don't. So when Pat says that I should have been taking things easy you will all agree that I was taking things easy by the standards any woman who reads this blog.

So what will I miss from the last seven weeks away? I'll miss Glasgow; I'll miss the company of friends there; I'll miss the Beatson and the afternoon spent in such good company; I'll miss the fact that once at 'home' in the flat I couldn't do anything except relax because there was nothing else to do except relax; and, in that context, I'll miss the wonders of Gaz's entertainment system all controlled by one controller and doing almost everything known to man.

Thank's Gaz for the use of your home. It's been a wonderful place to stay.

Typical flats (apartments) in the area

Built around 130 years ago

But in Gaz's case with all mod cons in the kitchen dining room

And all the original plasterwork but a slightly more modern light fitting (which can, of course, be operated and dimmed by the entertainment controller!).

And excellent taste in lamps

and mirrors (reflecting one of his own artworks on the wall opposite).

So what about being back home? Pat's been looking after my birds. Not pet one's but whilst Pat is soft about her dog and (nominally Dave's) cat I'm soft about the wild birds which visit my garden. The difference is I can go away and leave them and I don't have any vet's bills either. Mind you as they get through over a kilo of birdseed a day I'd probably be better off with a pet dog! Today I was welcomed home by a rare visit from a Wren. It's the first time in the 16 years I've lived in this house that I've photographed one and I can't even recall seeing one in the garden like this for so long before.

So now I'm home for a while. I think. I'm being asked to go and play more croquet. It's a great temptation. But..... Who knows...... And for the next few weeks wotthehellarchiewotthehell I'll just take it as it comes.

But one thing's for sure the on sunny day's I'll potter in the garden, on wet days I'll do a bit of spring cleaning and, whatever the days are like I shall be back in Blogland.


  1. The sweetest little birdy was there to welcome you home, GB; probably watches from afar, your coming and going and wonders.....

    I liked what you've shared here, how you've placed your words and you do plenty!! Plenty! Continue to rest, work comfortably, play joyfully and be content in these next few weeks whilst :) your body catches up in healing time.

    Love you, my friend.

  2. Oh..and I almost forgot to mention the clarity of your photos...AND Gaz's appartment - WOWZERS. You can tell that there aren't any little ones running around to mess that place up :) I like his kitchen!!

  3. Very nice, GB.
    As the little wren is saying,
    "Welcome home!"

  4. i am too really privileged to have wrens in my garden - they are adorable aren't they!