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Monday 19 October 2009

To The Other End of The Earth - Again

It is Monday night here in Eagleton.  I am almost packed.  Tomorrow I should have a relatively straightforward day cleaning the house and emptying the freezer and suchlike. Well I've said that before.  There are so many things that just pop up unexpectedly.  But, hey, life's too short to worry about them.

So I have two more sleeps before I leave here on Wednesday to stay with friends near the airport in Glasgow.  Gaz will come over and take me to the airport on Thursday.  That'll be good.

On Saturday at 1000 hrs New Zealand time I should arrive in Napier having travelled from Glasgow to London to Los Angeles to Auckland to Napier.

You just sort of get used to it really.


  1. GB, you just sort of get used to it, really...not me :)

    I've commented on HINZ about your traveling - I look forward to you stepping foot on the other side.

  2. One has to do what one has to do. For me, if I never see another airport I'll be a happy chappy.
    Hope it is as painless as possible.

  3. The long range forecast predicts a fine day in Auckland and Napier for Saturday. Is a nice thought that we'll be living on the same island.

    Wishing you happy and safe travels, Michelle and Zebbycat in Wellington.

  4. Warm thoughts of safe and comfortable travels floating your way....


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