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Tuesday 6 October 2009

A Good Day For Birds

I am really missing the Olympus at the moment.  Yesterday and today I have had the best opportunities ever to get some close shots of a Rock Pippit, a Meadow Pippet, a Robin and  Buzzard.  I was in the garden in full sun yesterday when three Rock Pippits came to join me.  Two stayed a respectable distance but the other was curious and came within two metres of me.  All the time he was looking at me and when he got really close he popped his head on one side and gave a few quiet cheeps as though talking to me.  It was a magical moment and it lasted for about 10 minutes.  I have to admit that by that time I was getting cold and because my eyes were watering in the wind I had to be careful wiping them but the movement didn't seem to frighten him.

The Meadow Pippits have been looking for food around the Study this morning in perfect light.

Today a Robin decided that I was an interesting prospect whilst I was unloading some wood from the car's roof rack.  Robins are naturally more companionable with humans anyway but this one was quite unconcerned.  The odd thing is that it's only recently that I've seen a Robin in the garden here so much.

My friendly Pigeon continues to regard me as his pal.  If I go outside and all the other Pigeons fly away he simply stays and chats.  He'll walk up to about a metre and a half from me as he gets more used to me.  On the whole he's now started coming when the other Pigeons are not here but they seem unconcerned with him.  He seems to be accepted as a Pigeon but not quite 'one of the boys/girls'.

But the real treat was seeing a Buzzard just riding the updraught above the water's edge as I drove into town.  I was within 5 metres of him.  I'm not sure what he'd have done if I'd stopped but I'd probably have got a few photos before he's floated off.  He was certainly unconcerned with cars passing with a few metres of him.

And my Sparrows are back home in force.


  1. Wow - you must be part bird whisperer! :) Actually, I'm envious, I think birds are so delicately beautiful, and I marvel at their engineering.

    They might be camera shy though.

    They probably don't come here because metal sea shells are hard on bird feet. LOL!

  2. Lucky you, I go one way the birds go the other. What disaster befell your camera? I dread anything happening to mine and I'm Olympus. I have a 560UZ as back up but am looking for another E-3 body.

  3. Don't you just love those moments?

  4. Birds are one of my great loves and I wonder if they can sense these things. When I was in New Zealand last time I blogged about a Magic Moment when a Fantail came within a foot of my face. They are perhaps for me the most magical of all birds.

    My Olympus was an SP550UZ. I dropped it. See Requiescat in Pace. I am about to blog on its replacement which I hope will arrive very soon!

  5. I love our winged friends. Just this afternoon, I was walking by the bird feeder from taking pictures out back when I was startled by a tiny little one. We both stopped and looked at one another for what seemed like one of those long moments in time...and then it flew away.



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