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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

It Always Happens!

I was so organised.  Good job too.

The central heating boiler is playing up and this morning when I woke the smell of oil in the house was bad enough to filter through to my bedroom which, in air circulation terms, is as far away from the boiler as one can get.  So I went into town, met Pat (who had just finished walking Briagha in The Castle Grounds) for a coffee at The Woodlands and then went to sort out a new boiler which will go outside the house.  So I'll have yet another appendage stuck on the outside!

Then I got an email from Air New Zealand saying that there was a change to my flight plans for an internal New Zealand flight early next month when I go away to a tournament.  Needless to say the printer chose this moment to malfunction and refuse to print out my new e-ticket.  It didn't help that I pressed the accept button too quickly before I realised I now have a 4 hour wait in Wellington Airport.  Oh joy.  Six hours and I could have gone into Wellington and seen the sights.  But four hours is waiting around time.

Lunchtime and we had a power cut.  It wasn't a problem.  I had plenty of things to do that didn't need electricity.  I have gas for cooking and secondary heating anyway.  I thought I'd use up some of the eggs and have an omelette for lunch.  I broke the eggs into the bowl added milk and some pepper and got out the whisk.  Put in the whisks.  Switched it on.  Yes.  You are right.  What was I thinking of?  So I had a flat rather than a fluffy omelette with parmesan and chedder melted in it.  Freshly made warm bread complemented it.  Lovely.  But how could I have done that?  An electric whisk!  Duh.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly - Pat came round to make sure all the things to be kept an eye on were sorted (and have a coffee of course).  Tonight I've vacuum cleaned the carpets and washed the kitchen floor.  That just leaves the bathroom in the morning.  I am now waiting for a visitor (it's 8.30pm - we visit late around here) and relaxing.

My plan is an early night and an early start in the morning to get the bed changed and the washing done.  Let's see if it works out that way.


  1. A fork and rapid wrist whisks pretty effectively

  2. We all rely so heavily on electricity and take it totally for granted. The last time our power was out, I must have flicked 3 light switches before I got it through my head that they weren't working!

  3. Oh my, what a day you had! You seem to somehow have been able to take it in your stride, though... I do hope nothing more out-of-the-ordinary happens tomorrow. Wishing you a safe journey... /Monica

  4. Well, you aren't blonde, so that must have been some other sort of moment!! Anyway, it's only the results that matter!

  5. GB - get in touch when you reach NZ. Is easy enough for me to catch a bus out to Wellington airport and meet up. My email is on my profile and I'm not really working at the moment. My folks will be around on Nov 8th and 9th but that's not a problem.

    Nasty boiler mucking things up for you!


  6. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all of that!
    You sure keep a great attitude!


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