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Saturday 10 October 2009

Return From A Temporary Absence

I've just spent a few very enjoyable days in Glasgow catching up before I leave for New Zealand - I have 10 more sleeps in Eagleton.  I caught up with Gaz who, yesterday, went to Egypt to kite surf.  I stayed with a friend, Anna, and 'did' things on Thursday (A blog posting on that will doubtless follow).  Yesterday I went to Ayr to see the Oncologist and I'll blog about that tomorrow.  Today I returned via lunch with an old friend.  What is amazing is the circular links between us all and the smallness of the world.  I met Anna in New Zealand but she lives near Glasgow.  The friend I lunched with is also part of my New Zealand world although we knew each other many years before either of us had ever set foot in the Southern hemisphere.

So tomorrow normal service on this blog will be resumed.


  1. So glad to hear that you're back.
    Ten more days???!!! Wow. I'm sure it will fly by, with all of the things you'll have to do.
    Wind surfing in Egypt???!!!! That Gaz is quite the adventurer. Cool.
    What is your travel path back to NZ this time?

  2. I wondered where you were. Happy to hear you'll be back soon!

  3. GB, glad to hear you're safely back home and had a good time with friends. It is a good thing when you live in different worlds to have some friends who belong to both of them. (The feeling of living in different worlds can sometimes exist even when the "worlds" are not as far apart as Europe and NZ...) /Monica


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