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Saturday, 17 October 2009

It's All The Little Things

It's all the little things that take the time and make me just that little bit anxious when I'm about to leave my Eagleton home for my New Zealand home in The Cottage.

What little things?  Well the one that always arises ('cos one cartridge has just run out!) is that if I don't take the cartridges out of the printer before I go and leave them for 6 months then they are useless.  But worse than that the printer doesn't think they are and gets its knickers in a twist and I have to spend ages trying to fool the electronics into releasing it.  And printer cartridges are expensive so taking all four out and wrapping them in cling film saves me buying four new ones when I get back.  As well as the hassle.

Spraying my tools so they don't go rusty over the winter.

Trying to make sure that the contents of the freezer have been eaten so that I can de-frost it before I leave.

Setting the mouse traps so that I don't have the garden shed (or, worse still, the house) completely over-run with the little people as it was a few years ago (the shed not the house!).  The irony is that I love mice but they are dirty little critters.

Making sure that the floor's clean under the fridges and so on.  After all I'd not like to come back to things growing out from under them! 

And there are so many more but I'm sure you get the picture.  I started a list earlier in the week and every time I manage to cross something off it I seem to write two more on.

Oh.  And then, of course, there's the big things like putting up the storm shutters over the door and window between the house and the conservatory.  Another hurricane may do no damage but I'm not taking any chances.  The last one was just too scary.

I don't travel with much luggage because my life is pretty much duplicated but last year I left the cable that joins the Olympus to the computer.  What a hassle (and expense) it was getting a replacement.  So I'll try not to do that again. 

Oh well.  Only 4 more sleeps and then it'll be too late to worry.


  1. Aye, you're almost there. leave fridge and freezer open and spray with anti Bacterial. They will be fine.
    Sorry for the missive on panos, just get Elements 6/and on and it will do them spot on.

  2. OH my, I'd never have thought of the cartridges in my printer...I'm sure that was a trial and error lesson?!

    4 more sleeps...FOUR?! Oh, my goodness, GB - time has rushed by me. Wow, four.

    Love to you.

  3. We're getting ready to leave for 3 weeks, and are going through some of the same things. Six months brings on a gammet of new worries!
    Funny, I never thought of hurricanes up there! How long will it take you to travel?

  4. I'm amazed that you find the moments to still show up in the blogworld as well! ;)

    Machines can be awfully demanding sometimes. My laptop is complaining to me every time I turn it on lately that it's tired, or sick. It says it only has 40% of its original battery capacity. I keep telling it to shut up and get on with its job (I keep it plugged in) because I don't have more than perhaps 40% of my former energy either...

  5. I know I shall forget when we see you tonight so........

    Please let me know where the Micky traps are - don't want to get "snapped" when going into the shed for bird seed.

    Please remove the "beautiful" things from the conservatory. I don't want to have to unstick them - scared I shall drop one!

    Dont forget to alter the voice on your answer machine. I must have given a fair few people a shock last time when it was my voice and not yours!!

    Apart from that - just chill dear Graham - anything left undone that should have been done - will be taken care of by "her over the valley".

    Have a wonderful time - we will all miss you - but hey ho it is only six months! Love and Hugs Pat xxx

    I have just read the word verification "on pile" - how appropriate.

  6. That's the thing about all lists. Whenever you cross one thing off you add at least two more. And there's always one thing you cannot work out the meaning of! Now why does the list say bananas? Or perhaps it's bandana?