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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Explain This Then

I had another dream this morning.  I can recall nothing - in fact there may have been nothing - more than the following:  I was watching two insects, one of which was a brown beetle about 3" (7.5cm) long and one of which was more like a large locust of similar size, fighting.  Suddenly the beetle ran towards my bag which was on the ground near me.  As it did so it exploded leaving a pool of green goo on the floor and spattering everything including my face.  I don't like dreams like that!  I certainly don't understand them. 


  1. It's easy GB. Takes me back to my late teens, had a very similar experience and if mine was anything like yours then expect a visit from the boys in blue.

  2. Hmmm... I wrote an answer here a while ago but it seems it disappeared? No copy on my email either in spite of checking that little box. Therefore I guess it never got sent off properly. I make another try.

    1. Been given any new pills lately? ;)
    2. Been reading Kafka before going to bed...?
    3. More seriously, I do think it likely you might be a bit worried (perhaps more than you think) about upcoming tests and checkups. The insects not easy to guess at without knowing what else has been passing through your mind... HAVE you been thinking about Kafka? (Metamorphosis: Travelling salesman wakes up one day and find himself transformed into a beetle...) Another thing also just struck me... Locusts were one of the ten plagues in the Exodus story...

    Our subconscious does make quite extraordinary use sometimes of symbolism we've gathered during our whole lifetime.

    You decide for yourself whether these suggestions are of any help or not...

    I wish you more pleasant dreams (or none) tonight!

  3. That sounds pretty horrible! Wish I could think of something constructive to add but no chance, dreams like that are way out of realm. Hope your dreams tonight are sweet!

  4. Dreams are like life - if they have a meaning we are not meant to understand it.
    (And today's word verification is crumbleh - any suggestions as to what that might mean?)


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