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Friday, 3 October 2008

A Visit To Gisla

On Tuesday (is it really that long ago?) Pat and Dave and I went over to see Carol and Jenny in Gisla. Apart from the excellent company I always enjoy the fact that there is a wonderful garden surrounded by high trees which provides an excellent home for lots of birds - despite the explosion in the semi-feral cat population. They also provide wonderful still air for the midges but that didn't affect us at this time of year. I had hoped to get some photos of the Dunnocks on the bird table but they left soon after we arrived and I didn't see them again.

The most amusing part of the visit was finding squeezy Marmite. As a lover of Marmite I had reservations about such a potential travesty but I'm assured that it's perfectly good. I do love the Marmite manufacturer's sense of humour though:

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