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Monday, 13 October 2008

A Walk in the Castle Grounds

Yesterday David and I set off on a cool, very windy and rather wet morning round the Castle Grounds. This is hardly 'The Great Adventure' and I know that Pat and Briagha do it frequently and, at one time, I would have thought nothing of it. However I've probably had the least active summer ever in terms of walking to try and rest my knee, so I was a little trepidatious yesterday. Half way around I was a tad concerned but my knee was no worse by the end of the walk. There's life in the old knee yet! The last time I was in the Castle Grounds was in May with CJ and there are lots of new things now:

David on the path at a very full River Creed (they are not new!)

Why a boot?

Why a last?

The answer: It's all to do with The Stornoway Coves.

How beautiful is that?

And one for CJ


  1. Lovely pictures - it is always so interesting walking around Castle Grounds. Did you not see the funny faces or the rocket ship?
    If not, you have missed a treat. You must have taken the short cut and not walked all the way around!

  2. Yes. I did see and photograph some funny faces. I didn't see the rocket ship. I'll add some to a posting soon.


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