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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Spelling Problems and Collar Studs

This morning on Rambles From My Chair CJ blogged on the subject of Spelling Problems and Collar Studs. I had started my comments when I realised that they would be so long that I'd be better doing a posting in reply. This is it.

When I was in Form 1 or 2 at Ryebank (and between 8 and 10) spelling bs (or spelling bees) were part of the teaching regime. I remember to this day standing opposite Joan Rigby (far and away the brainiest girl in the class, and probably the school, at the time) and having to think of a word for her to spell. If she couldn't spell it (and provided I could) the team I was in would win. I chose the insect 'bee'. Joan couldn't spell it. I could. I've wondered about that to this day.

Oddly the bain of my spelling difficulties over the years has been 'across'. A word I spelt as accross until about a year ago. Apart from that my spelling used not to be too bad. Nowadays I have considerable problems with many words; often they are very simple words. I think that it all stems from the fact that I can't conceptualise; that I have no ability to see images in my mind. I give daily thanks for computer spillchuckers.

On the subject of cufflinks and braces (or bracers) I still use cufflinks because none of my long-sleeved shirts has buttons. In fact I'm taking a pair Fiona gave me not very long ago to New Zealand with me this time. Almost all my shirts have brass collar stiffeners - even the short sleeved ones which is, of course, what I wear 98% of the time now. In fact I even use a tie clip (another gift). However that is fairly rare these days because I very rarely wear a tie. A shame given the splendid collection that I have.

As for braces, David ( a friend who recently involuntarily lost a lot of weight after a gallbladder removal) had to wear them just to prevent his trousers falling down. I don't use them any more for my evening dress trousers because my waist has grown into them (and a bit more) . They are still out there if you look carefully enough. But sock suspenders - I think not!

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  1. That was supposed to be a secret! The braces, that is, not the loss of weight which I think is all too obvious, particularly when viewed from behind.

    I wonder what Joan Rigby (not Eleanor's sister surely? Right age.) remembers of the incdent? She has probably been scarred for life and developed apiphobia without knowing why. You cruel thing. PS She probably hates you too.


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