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Tuesday 21 October 2008

Blogging About Books - Again

The point has been made that my book blogging doesn't really fit in with the rest of Eagleton Notes. When I wrote the first posting I never anticipated that it would become as frequent as it has become. I am not the world's fastest nor most prolific reader. In fact I don't read many books at all. The recent spate has been mainly due to the encouragement of seeing CJ's blog and an odd re-awakening in reading coupled with the fact that blogging about what one has read actually makes one think and enjoy the actuality of the read more. It doesn't, however, improve one's grammar.

Anyway this afternoon I decided to copy the postings done so far on books onto a new blog. This, with the startling innovative and creative thought that people associate with me, I have decided to call Eagleton Book Notes.

And there will rest my future book blogging. However, given that I shall be leaving Lewis on 27 October and be settling back into my New Zealand life, I wouldn't hold your breath for new postings for a little while.

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