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Monday, 6 October 2008

Nothing To Say

Last night Pat surprised me.  And then threatened me if I told anyone.  So as this is just a diary no one's going to know are they?

Actually how she surprised me was by saying that as CJ managed to write a blog posting every day how come I couldn't.  What was she doing, she wondered, going to my blog each day only to find that the cupboard had no more in it than when she was last opened it.  That anyone should actually be waiting for the ramblings of a vieux pet ennuyeux astounded me.

As it happens I had been trying to think of a posting for the Notes but I've had nothing to say. Then some lyrics kept buzzing round inside my head (plenty of room for them in there you see) but I couldn't actually remember the words or the song although I could remember that it was Meat Loaf who sang it. So I've just spent 30 seconds finding out ie I pulled out the Meat Loaf CDs. The words weren't as I remembered them of course so the whole exercise was a bit of a waste of time. However as I have nothing else to post about I thought I just tell you the story anyway. The song, by the way, was I couldn't have said it better myself. The words I was trying to remember turned out to be "And you said nothing at all, Well I couldn't have said it better myself".

One thing no one has ever said of me is "He can't ramble on.".  'Cos I can.

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  1. Pat is a fine one to talk - I don't see her blogspot anywhere!!! Come on Pat let's have a Baybleblog!


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