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Saturday, 4 October 2008

A Rough Morning At Sea

This morning broke after two days of gales from the North with the wind still from the North and still very strong. When those conditions prevail and, depending on the tide, the MV Isle of Lewis sets out from Stornoway for Ullapool and sails North parallel to the coast of Lewis past my house. I can't see her from my house when she sails on her usual route. This morning the setting was very dramatic. The shots of the vessel as she negotiates the swell appear, in my experience, more dramatic than they are on board and at least are simply in one plane ie unlike the MV Suilven before her she does not corkscrew - that singularly unpleasant motion which tests even the hardest stomach.

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  1. What corkscrewing? I never noticed that. I much preferred the Suilven. She was certainly less noisy, and didn't give the impression that Charles Atlas was bashing her sides with a big stick


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