Thursday, 21 July 2011

Soooo Much

to do and so little time.  OK I know I'm not alone in having that problem.

CJ and I arrived back in Eagleton late Tuesday evening after a fairly bumpy trip across The Minch.  'They' really should get the surface of The Minch attended to - too many potholes or was it the swell.  I'm fortunate in that I'm a good sailor but one or two went very quiet once we were out of Loch Broom and into the swell.  I can't believe that it was like that in July.

It took the rest of the evening to unpack the car and sort out the resultant mess.  I often wonder how I can travel with so much stuff when I'm in this country but travel with one small suitcase when I travel between here and New Zealand.  The answer is partly clothes: I don't need to take clothes between here and NZ.  

Yesterday was spent, as one might expect, doing the usual things one does when one arrives back from a trip away.  Of course CJ and I added to that a trip to town and The Woodlands Centre for our daily coffee and crossword fix.  Whilst I tried to bring the garden under control in the afternoon CJ sorted wedding photos.  Pat visited in the afternoon and Carol came down in the evening.  By then a most enjoyable day was drawing to a close and a catch-up phone call with Mo one of my oldest friends (which is a reference to how long we've known each other and not to her age!) in Canada was my final act before sleep took hold.

Today I will, hopefully, be back in Blogland at least for a while.


  1. That's the advantage of almost always travelling by train or plane - I simply can't take much stuff with me, since I need to be able to carry everything on my own at all times, sometimes for quite a distance. And I enjoy travelling lightly; I like having to make do with only a few basic items (it is quite surprising how few things one actually does need).

  2. Nice to know you're back home - for as long as it lasts ;)

    Good thing that in Britain at least you have a car bigger than a handbag! (Or maybe that's the problem? The more space we have, the more stuff we bring along...)