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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bloggers Block

I'm not quite sure what it is but I seem to have Bloggers Block at the moment.  It's not that there is nothing to blog about it's just that, well, to be honest I can't explain. Ah well. Some photos might help:

When Pigeons are milling around like this they look for all the world like a load of crawling insects.
This part of the garden is beginning to look presentable now despite the winds
A little froglet emerged from the pond yesterday.  It's about the size of my fingernail.
The Ravens are frolicking around on the thermals and wind this morning - it's the first time I've seen them doing it this year
Not quite sure what this one was doing there was no other being pounced upon which is as it would appear


  1. AIrborne rats is how we describe the pigeons that were around work before they were "removed" and I had to agree they were dirty, and left many fledglings to die on the hard ground of the flowerbeds on the parapets. Always where we could see them but not reach them to rescue.

    Te garden looks lovely - interesting, It has been ages since I saw frogs in a pond... impressed that your little waterway has them! I miss gathering the spawn and hatching them.

    Hope the nightmares improve.

  2. Thanks Fiona. I really can't abide Pigeons but I can't find a way to get rid of them short of doing away with the bird feeders. Both Pigeons and Starlings make a mess of the roof too.

    Frogs are a fairly recent addition to the ecology of the Island but now they are everywhere. I like them.

  3. I know how you feel.......A shot gun would quickly remove the subjects of your first image. Provide a decent supper as a bonus.

  4. Your garden's looking lovely GB.

  5. Great photos GB, I would love to see more of your garden. The pigeons pest or not are still interesting to watch bumbling around fighting for food. I quite like them.

  6. Sometimes bloggers block comes from lots going on rather than 'nothing'.
    Your garden looks good and I bet that alone takes time! This view also makes me think that the more pictures I see of your house the more the shape of it intrigues me - I can't quite "map" it in my head!

  7. your garden is lovely! frogs are scarce here; don't know why. I miss seeing them around my water feature.

  8. Your pigeons are at least Rock Doves rather than the Feral beasties we get down in London though - although two of those pictured appear to be heading towards feral. One of the things we love about nthe Hebrides is the brilliant iridescent colours to be seen on the Starlings - so much prettier than ours!

    Don't worry about the block, let it run its course. Post some photos of your favourite bits of the Hebrides - both your own island and the rest - that might get the juices flowing again and if not it'll certainly make this follower a happy bunny!

  9. Adrian: A shotgun would probably get rid of the entire area but pigeons are canny buggers. If I so much as raise my hand when I'm in the Study they take off. Mind you they are easier to hit when in the air. It's all a bit academic, though, 'cos I don't have a shotgun.

    Thanks Helen. I'm looking forward to seeing yours next week.

    It's not that I dislike them so much, Mark, as dislike the terrible mess they make.

    Thank you Norma. Oddly I see very few frogs round the pond.

    Robyn: Thanks for your kinds words. There's nothing so rewarding (or is it 'as rewarding'?) as making someone happy. I try. The name Rock Dove has, I read a while ago, now been re-classified as a Rock Pigeon because it is actually just a feral pigeon with the same ancestry as the city dwellers ie the Domestic Pigeon. I think the sea air just makes them look cleaner!

  10. Your garden is looking inviting, the frog must think so too. I still haven't managed to attract a frog (except the screaming one that invaded my house) so am quite envious.
    I'm sure your writer's block won't last for long. I'm happy to see the photos, anyway.

  11. "Blogger's Block" I know all too well. Just for the record, your posts are always either humerous, interesting, or educational to me. Keep going!